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Types of Property Inspections

When doing property inspections, our agent will access the overall general condition of the home. We will document the walk through, the pictures and notes. This information will be uploaded to our online web portals for your records and viewing. 

City Occupancy Inspection

This is a required inspection that the municipalities require. Our agent will coordinate with the inspector for the City/County so they can perform the inspection. Items from this report are owner responsibility and must be completed before a tenant is able to occupy the property.

Move In Inspection (MIC)

When a tenant moves in they are given a detailed Move in Condition Report to fill out. The tenant will file this report with our office and will be used at the time of move out to compare notes with the Move Out Inspection. 

6 Month Walk Through

This walk through is done the first year of tenancy. Our agent will tour the property and document any issues that have or are occurring.

Annual Walk Through

This is performed about 90 days out from the annual term/expiration. 

Move Out Walk Through 

This is the final step in the tenant move out process. This occurs once the tenant has completely vacated the property. The will be required to turn in all keys/garage remotes at this time. This will be the most detailed inspection with the most documentation of any Walk Through. This report will be used as a guide for property improvements and any issues caused during the tenancy. 

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